Robert Swindells 


A survivor of a nuclear holocaust, Danny is one of the lucky ones - or is he? Danny and his younger brother, Ben, have come through the holocaust alive, only to discover that the world has gone sour in more ways than one. Survival depends on being able to live on your wits, outsmarting the rest and fighting to protect your home and family. For days, weeks, the survivors hang on, hoping for help to arrive. But when the authorities finally put in an appearance, help is the last thing they bring.


"If a work of fiction seeks to move to tears, to inspire, to chill, and to encourage action to change the world in which we live, then Brother in the Land is surely a neglected modern classic. The hope is that it will always remain a work of despairing fiction. The terror lies in the fact that it sketches out a possible future". - OWEN JONES: GUARDIAN